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Has Your Love for Jesus Sunk Your Love Life?

You hear it over and over: There are plenty of fish in the sea. But as a believer who seeks a relationship with a sold-out follower of Jesus, you find yourself fishing in a very small pond. You put on a brave face, but with each passing year, the doubt only intensifies: Will you ever land a handsome catch?

     Author Marie-Eve Dawood has experienced firsthand the deep disappointment, nagging doubt, and unrelenting scrutiny plaguing believers who find themselves unattached longer than expected. In Jesus Shrank My Dating Pool, she sheds light on the agonizing dilemma faced by women of faith seeking their match in a largely secular world, sharing insights that helped her navigate the stormy waters of hope deferred.

     Jesus Shrank My Dating Pool will help you find the courage to face painful emotions, pull in the support you need, live according to your values, move forward with confidence, and trust God whole-heartedly.

     It’s time to brave the waters and dive in!

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Trailer: Jesus Shrank My Dating Pool

In the research I did for my own book on prolonged singleness, I found that many books on the topic dismissed how difficult singleness can be. Marie-Eve does a wonderful job of offering compassion to those in this situation and making them feel seen and heard. The insights she brings
on this topic will be life-giving for the many readers that struggle with loneliness. I will recommend this book to any person experiencing both
the heartache and the beauty of singleness.

Kate Hurley Krause

Author of Getting Naked Later:
Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life

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